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About Wowgals

What we do ...

At Wowgals we are dedicated to delivering high quality, fashion forward transformations. For those who want to look and feel like the girls in the magazines. Become that instagram model you follow, the fashion model you love or live out your own fantasy. Feminisation is our speciality but we will more than happily glam you however makes you moot comfortable.  

Based in Manchester, UK we offer a full makeover service including a photographic session where you receive fully edited digital images of yourself as your ultimate icon. Feeling the fantasy is what we are all about!

We offer a range of packages from simply booking MTF Feminisation makeup to the full photographic head-to-toe transformation.


The Process

How we do it...

Our transformations are a head to toe experience but they can be tailored to fit your personal wants and needs. All our transformations are likely to take place from either our head makeup artists home aka WowgalsHQ, in Manchester, or we can travel to you at a location of your choice.

The transformation process will take a few hours. This starts with a full consultation about the look you’d like to achieve, then we start with makeup leading onto hair/wig styling and finally finding the right outfits and getting you dressed.

Once dressed and comfortable we will have a relaxing chat about what kind of pictures we will take of you in your new look and then ease you into the photographic process. It’s all really great fun!

If you want to get glam you can either head to the contact section and send a message or book online using our diary app.

The Story

Who are we ?

Wowgals is run by Patti Baston. Patti is a transgender makeup artist who has been working for the last 12 years in the beauty industry. She fell in love with makeup when she started dressing at the age of 16 and made the natural decision to follow a career in makeup. After years of building experience working with clients around the world Patti started Wowgals to help people feel the most glamorous they’ve ever been.

“I wanted a new chapter in my life and fusing together all the skills I have developed during my career lead me to creating Wowgals. I absolutely adore working with people; making them look and feel bloody sensational is what keeps me going.

This is a space created for you so you can look in the mirror and finally see what you’ve always wanted. I cant wait to meet you and help you live out your fantasy!”

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