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"Let's hear from my girls  ..."


“First thing I have to say is that Patti puts the WoW in Wowgal! Unlike many other dressing services who do a one size fits all Patti caters each client on the makeup they want. Personally I love a bit of drama in my looks and she never disappoints. Her photography and editing is as perfect as her

 personality and how she puts you at ease. I could go on and on but trust me, book today and find out for yourself, you’ll love her and how you look too Xx”



I have visited Patti on numerous occasions over the last couple of years and every time she never
fails to amaze me with her fantastic makeup skills.
She puts you at ease from the minute you meet her, and she helps you understand what she is
doing. Her transformational skills are phenomenal. Once she finished and I was able to look in the
mirror and all I saw was the gorgeous woman I have always wanted to be.
I would highly recommend Patti to my friends and to anyone who wishes to see the possibilities that
are there under Patti’s expert hand.



“Can honestly say Patti has brought so many visions and my female fantasies to life with his skills. I've known Patti for years now and her  makeup skills are second to none whether you want to go full drag and fancy or completely  passible Instagram model she's got you covered. Add into it her very professional photography talent then you really are getting the best service in the country. The feeling when you look into the mirror after being transformed is the ultimate high and I never tire of it, can't recommend Wowgals enough.



"Patti realized for me the final piece of a 40 year Journey - the full Transformation I longed for. Her unique & amazing skills at make-up & behind the camera are second to none. Any nerves or doubts are dispelled by his warm & friendly personality, it's like you have known each other for years, always offering suggestions & advice for the shoot.
The results speak for themselves & mine were more than I could have dreamed of. The experience is just sheer magic ! Book yourself in, you will not regret it. Cannot recommend Patti & Wowgals highly enough "



I've been a client of Pattis since 2019. Her service is the best I have ever been to hence my 5 visits (and counting). Her relaxed attitude helps to dispel any nerves which are gone within minutes. She really bring the true Carol out in me.

"Once a Wowgal always a Wowgal "


Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 11.29.20.png

I travelled up to see Patti for half a day's makeover and it was so worth the trip. She was very welcoming and instantly put me at ease, and gave me plenty of time to settle in and think about what I wanted, even though I was a little late. When I was ready she suggested a look that might suit me and got to work making me over. I was utterly speechless with the result and a little emotional. Patti took this in her stride and have me a little space to compose myself before we picked out outfits - three in all, and we had a good laugh taking lots of photos. 
Overall the experience was so positive. Patti makes you feel so at home and makes sure you leave buzzing.



“Ok, So where do I start? 

What Patti and her Wowgals service have done for me is more than transform my face. It’s transformed my life, before meeting Patti and her amazing skills, I was totally closeted, too afraid to show people who I was IRL. After the transformation pictures I received, it gave me the confidence to show everybody who I really am. And there is no price on that, I sent it to everyone because it made me feel so good and proud that the person in the pictures was me. Don’t waste your time worrying, get down to WOWman and experience what it’s like to feel like a true princess” 


Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 16.43.34.png

Arriving at Wowgals HQ you are immediately greeted with a warm welcome and some camp music.  After a quick catch up and you are offered a drink, it’s into the chair!  Once settled, it is all over…….Stunning.

Is what Patti does…..She will use her super power super talents to ensure you look and feel amazing, all the time in a safe, relaxing atmosphere (with a little bit of querk mixed in).

Photoshoot time! Cue music - girls on film, Given direction you are made to feel like a model on the set of a magazine shoot. Positions, pose. Photo - feeling a million dollars


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