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Here a few of those niggling little questions you might have on your mind. If you cant see a question answered then send us a message .

I’ve never done this before and I am nervous. What can i expect?

A warm, friendly and confidential service. If you’re nervous, thats natural….especially if you are new to this but you are making the right steps by reading this! Nerves are something we all experience and they can feel even more tense when embarking on something new and unknown. However I ask you to remind yourself that you’re probably feeling that way because you’re excited and want to get stuck in.
If you aren’t out and you are concerned about confidentiality, then rest assured we have got you covered. Just give us a little heads up in the booking form if there are any extra steps you would like us to take in order for you to feel comfortable.

Where are you based? Do I come to you?

We are based in Manchester, UK. Our main hub is in the City Centre about 5 minutes from Piccadilly Station (M4 7LH is our postcode). It is better if you can come to this location but we are more than happy to come to a hotel in Manchester for no extra cost. For travelling outside Manchester we do charge extra but again are happy to cater to you.

How do I pay you?

You can book your appointment and pay your deposit online through our website or if you are more old school then send us an email and we can sort it out there.

A  booking fee is required in order to reserve the date.Your appointment is not confirmed until it has been paid. 

The remainder balance can be paid on the day via BACS transfer, PayPal or Cash. Details for transfers will be given on booking enquiry.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Ofcourse, sometimes life get's in the way and cancellations can happen. We require 7 days notice to be able to accommodate a reschedule request.

Please see here for our full cancellation policy. 

Will I look any good? I don't think I can look feminine!

It actually saddens me to include this question but in such a short period I’ve been asked this SO many times. OF COURSE YOU WILL LOOK GOOD :D I have worked with SO many people throughout my career and you would be amazed at the transformations. It’s really remarkable what good hair, makeup and lighting does for a person. I know every trick out there to make you look like a super model!!

Do you provide wigs, clothes and shoes?

We do indeed! Giving you the full head to toe dressing experience is what we are here for. We pride ourselves on picking quality over quantity. Our wardrobe may not hold 1000's of dresses but the ones we have are god damn beautiful.

Can I bring my own things with me?

Most certainly! I love styling our wardrobes together and seeing the bits my girls bring with them.

If you havent got anything at home that you'd like to bring with you that's okay too. We can provide everything you will need. 

When will I receive my images?

You will receive a gallery of your images from the shoot the day after. Please note these will NOT be edited images. You can then choose the images you want to be edited and can always request more that you’d like to be edited for a small cost. Waiting times vary on how long each image will take and unfortunately due to having such a busy work schedule its difficult to put a time bracket on it however we always aim to get them to you ASAP.

Will food be provided on the day?

For someone attending a full day with me, I provide lunch. If you are coming for a half day then only light refreshments are provided.

Do you offer sexual favours on your transformation days?

In a word….No. That’s not what this is about.

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